Thursday, May 24, 2012

Papago International Resort in Taitung - Part 2

Continuing with our stay at the Papago International Resort in Taitung.....

Next morning after breakfast, we walked around the premises some more. This here is a pond filled with fish located around the back.

Feeding the fishies.

Feeding the fishies from a different spot.

Olivia goofing around and pretending to dance on a "stage".

Pool still empty. It was in fact empty most of the 3 days we were there. Good for us since it meant we had the pool all to ourselves! We definitely overindulged with the pool because we went in it quite a few times during our stay.

These are some of the private villas you can rent. We're gonna stay in one of these if we come back.

More private villas in the back and that's the outdoor venue where you can have events like weddings. That night there was a banquet party by some insurance company for their employees, so you can see a truck there unloading some stuff setting things up.

Beautiful scenery and weather.


Tom said...

Andre - Your photos make me want to visit Taitung and stay here. Yet another place to visit on my list. Thanks

Andre said...

Tom... Taitung is really a beautiful place! I would love to stay there for some time too. Even my daughter said to me after this trip "papa, can we move to Taitung???"

StefanMuc said...

So what's the advantage of the villas? Do you need more space in the pool? ;-)

Andre said...

Stefan... you know, having that huge public pool all to ourselves just isn't enough! in all seriousness, the villas are just bigger and roomier i guess. i don't know, not much advantage other than that. private pool is kinda cool but as we were discussing, there's hardly anyone using the public pool anyway. there's also the convenience i guess. not having to walk all the way out from your hotel room with a bunch of stuff, then walk back all wet through the hotel hallways.